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Christians for Hire

Things are coming down heavy lately, are you ready?

Decorated resumes being handed in by the dozen at the pulpit.

Raise your hand, are you Christian? Ok, good.

We’re not interested in your spare time or hobbies; don’t need to know where you’ve been or where you’re going for that matter.

Please, they don’t need to hear any more about you…

You have a good heart; wish nothing but good on everyone, while giving back to the community, AND standing idle waiting for someone to fail, so you can help them up of course. Well, thank you.


We seem to have blurred the significance…

Now accepting applications!

The ability to lift heavy fingers (while not necessary) acceptable, in some establishments.

While some get used to the idea of a CHRISTIAN as though it’s some type of label and not a lifestyle, something to claim yet not live by, we’re somehow making it easier to join...let me clarify, I meant making it easier to understand.

By owning this title you are somehow entitled to- included, but not limited to, belittle and scold those that fall below the standards of a perfect prototype.

Those that are “stronger” are given the power to lift up and strengthen the weak.

Now…It's been known for this power to be abused at times as it comes with great responsibility, and not all have the will-power to pursue said responsibility to its full capability. See, it requires intense mental training, and not all are will-ing to submerge themselves, judgment free.

(read above statement on title and entitlement)

Luckily, there’s a remnant of true believers, passionate ones.

Ones that don’t dilute the truth or dress up wrong doing, those are the same ones that lovingly elevate you to know the difference instead of chasing you away, usually the most significant way to tell them apart.

The ones that don’t bother with raising their hands at the chance of proving themselves but choose to speak with actions, they will always sound louder. They discern that while some may be strong enough to withstand the verbal punishments of a tongue, others may squander wise words or the lack thereof by the way they are used, causing them to fall further back or simply refuse the help one may very well need. They don’t wait for someone to fall, but if they so happen to miss that fall, they extend a helping hand not relying on chastising or backlash. They’re smart enough to know how to be there without you ever noticing their efforts.

Many may play the part; some may even receive a standing ovation.

But remember that beyond a perfect-posted image, everyone has flaws.

Warning; The slightest amount of resemblance is not coincidental. Apply if you must.

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