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Stop being a POSER!

It's been a while since you last prayed at your bedside, but I get it... it's tiring man! Once you're laying in bed it's like ugh! To roll out of bed now (I'll pray right here laying down) after all the point is you're praying. Good job! You had time to be on social media for two hours just scrolling and watching videos but it's your "you" time so that's perfectly cool! Look at you?! You prayed a whole 20 minutes

This has been a hectic week, between school, and/or work AND your social life it's been a non stop whirlwind of stress! You haven't had time for ANYTHING and trust me God knows... I mean you had a few chances to pick up your phone here and there but you had to text someone or you know, check your social likes, shares and comments because helllooo you just have to! After all remember, on Tuesday you went in and posted that inspirational quote? Google reminded you real quick about that bible verse that means so much to you when you read it. That counted for you getting some bible-you-and-God-time in also so, Awesome!

It's Sunday!!! Church time!!Whoop-whoop!

Time to go praise God and thank him for one more week that he kept you. Don't forget to pray when you get to church because you didn't really have that much time throughout the week, remember you were busy and stressed all week so make it count!

When you sing that song that you really like, that one that makes you feel so good inside remember to think of why you love it so much and how much you love God because he blesses you when you seek him in worship. You made it through 4 hours of fasting to get your blessing today, so go for it! I mean you slept for 3 1/2 of those 4 hours but you fasted! He knows your heart and your body definetely felt it.

I see you playing the "Christian" role, singing, crying, praising, jumping and shouting at the top of your lungs!!! Hallelujah!!!.... insert >praise face< emoji here. 😫 🙌🏽

For years I kept up this "I'm doing the right thing" attitude and I probably described half of a churches congregations right now. Truth is, part time dedication will never give you full time blessings. Despite what you believe or feel in the "spirit" when you're in church. Yes, God is good and his presence is supernatural so when he's in the mix your emotions will get sparked, chances are you may be elevated to a certain point of high,  and because you innerly believe that you are ONE WITH GOD his presence will be visible to you, but that doesn't go much further than there.

My bible tells me that God is seeking true worshippers who will seek him in spirit and in truth. The book of acts speaks to us about the story of Paul and Felix, Felix who said when I find time I will summon you.

My generation the time is now!

Stop procrastinating, stop being a POSER living a life of when I can I will with God. Let your everyday activities pull on God's hem, call on him and

concentrate on making sure that everything you do is revolving around his plans for you.

Don't expect a miracle when you adapt to the same unchanging circumstances. You will not see a change unless you work for it.

Be different, represent God and live your testimony in a way that everyone knows the real you, leaving no room for speculations or tags. Serve in spirit and in truth.

Or could it be that being a POSER is just so much easier? What's the point? Why is it so much easier to adapt to imperfection than it is to aim for perfection?

“Today, we have discovered that everyone is born with dozens of genetic glitches. There are no perfect human specimens. But not all our glitches are the same, so one treatment often does not fit all sufferers of a given disease.”

― Francis S. Collins, The Language of Life: DNA and the Revolution in Personalized Medicine

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