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I recently joined a little trend of B&W "challenge accepted" pic post on IG (that's instagram for those non social media followers) just as this one little trend started, I know of so many others- for good causes as well as ridiculous ones that TO ME, don't really make much sense. So why bring it up?

I love finding out about new trends and trending topics so this one trend that I actually participated in brought me to thinking about why people join trends?

So what do you guys think? Is it more of a popularity thing and maybe people will get to know you? Why does one trend get more popular than the other?


A few years ago when social media was non-existent and smart phones were Nextel walkies and two-way pagers, when trends/follows/likes/retweets and filters weren't popular and all we could do was actually talk to people trends were ok to live without, so what makes them so popular now?

I know I probably showed age in talking about an era before social media and smart phones, but the truth is our lives have become a lot like a monkey video I saw on Facebook the other day, monkeys were put into a cage, a ladder was also put into this cage and at the very top some bananas, every time a monkey tried climbing the ladder to get the bananas the rest of the monkeys would get wet so they would beat up the monkey that went up the ladder. Things continued going this way until no monkey tried climbing, after that, one monkey was replaced and he tried going up not knowing the consequences but got beat up by all the others, one by one monkeys got replaced and no longer getting wet but continued beating up any monkey that tried to climb, until all the original monkeys were replaced and the funny part in all this...wait for it...

they all kept beating every new monkey up not knowing what the reason was for the beatings in the first place. That video made soooo much sense to me!

Sometimes we are so quick to follow trends and we don't even know what the reason for the trend is, but still do it-share it-like it-relike it-tweet it and whatever other IT you can do with a trend.

So I feel like I should raise awareness of the trends we follow and learn the root and reasons of the WHY? Which no one seems to really care about anymore. I want to start a trend, its going to be called the "pic is worth a thousand words" where you don't have any captions or long story behind the post, just a hashtag. #ASKMEWHY

See how many people actually care to know why you post what you post. I want to know!!

I challenge you!

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