I recently joined a little trend of B&W "challenge accepted" pic post on IG (that's instagram for those non social media followers) just as this one little trend started, I know of so many others- for good causes as well as ridiculous ones that TO ME, don't really make much sense. So why bring it up? I love finding out about new trends and trending topics so this one trend that I actually participated in brought me to thinking about why people join trends? So what do you guys think? Is it more of a popularity thing and maybe people will get to know you? Why does one trend get more popular than the other? A few years ago when social media was non-existent and smart phones were Nextel walkies

Get to know me/ Conoceme

Hi guys!!!!! OMG this is my first official blog post guys, so I kind of just wanted to give you all a more in-depth look into who I am, not what you read on a bio not what you hear from people that may "know me" but ME from ME. Jadi- if I could describe myself in three words I probably wouldn’t be able to (being totally honest) not because I think too much of myself but because I’m too much of a clown and I would probably use words like "swaggalishus" and "the bomb" to describe my self which aren't really words that many people would understand haha! So, I will try to use a few words and explain why I think of myself in those ways. My friends would agree with me because I am promising to be

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